Hello, Galileo

Last week, we have a visit to the Intel Fab 68 Plant which located at develop zone of Dalian which was built 4 years ago.


The purpose of the visit is for the demo show of Intel’s new develop board – Galileo. Before the Galileo demo, at the opening keynote, the speaker Chen Wei (GM, Intel China IoT ) introduced the history of Intel company and the current strategy of Intel, especially from the view of Internet of Things. He focus on the Internet of Things Innovation, from the people living to industry area. Also, he mentioned the Moore’s law, in his words, the smart car would be cost 0 some long timer later. Along with the hardware industry, the financial industry may somehow indirectly affect by the law. Innovation is the neccessary composition for all industries. Just like the words “In our industry you innovation or … you die”

There are indeed some innovation ideas, like the Air Quality Monitor, Remote Observer, and Roomie. The most attracting people eyes is Roomie, which is used for detect the meeting room is current being used or not. The system is based on the Galileo board with three different sensors which for detect human, and it can maximum support 255 rooms using the extended GPIO. Users can check all the rooms’ status using their phones or from intranet.


Another one is a demo which using the camera and OpenCV to detect the product(Wafer) quality, this small function may replace the existing expensive machine if the precision is met the requirement, and it can reduce a lot of cost.


All these demos use lots of perpheral device, like camera, microphone, infra or light sensors as input. They are relatively not so closed to our financial business, but except the same way of innovation using the current system.


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